Amazon Keeps Selling Out of These 40 Clever Things That Make Your Home So Much Better
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Amazon Keeps Selling Out of These 40 Clever Things That Make Your Home So Much Better

Mar 19, 2024

These are the definition of a “home improvement.”

These days, a true testament as to whether something is worth buying (or not) is if it’s constantly selling out online. This likely means that the item is not only popular, but also extremely clever — potentially even offering solutions to problems you never thought could be solved. These ridiculously brilliant items, including everything from a lamp that doubles as charging station to Wi-Fi extenders, will make your home much better, so it’s no wonder that Amazon keeps selling out of them. To get your hands on 40 of most clever items, keep reading and strike while the iron is hot before they sell out... again.

Rather than waste tons of aluminum foil or parchment paper each time you use your oven, try these reusable baking mats you can use over 3,000 times each instead. They’re made from nonstick silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees and that’s super easy to wipe down (or pop in the dishwasher) when it’s time to clean up.

If you cringe each time you open your kitchen or sock drawers, it’s time you organize them using these bamboo drawer dividers. They’re adjustable, expanding between 17.5 and 22 inches, which will fit most drawers and they can be placed horizontally or vertically. They also have nonslip rubber pads on either end to help keep your drawers damage-free.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find that your fitted sheet has gone rogue. To help keep it in place all night long, use these bed sheet straps that clip onto the corners of your fitted sheets. Compatible with sheets of all sizes, the elastic straps are adjustable and the clips are lined to help protect your sheets.

The only thing that can make taking a bath even more luxurious is this bamboo bathtub tray. It includes a wine glass holder, a place for your phone, an adjustable stand to lay your book or tablet on, and additional space for other self-care necessities, like an aromatic candle. This waterproof tray is expandable, so it will fit most bathtubs.

Whether you’re washing the dishes or trying to get more use out of your standing desk, this anti-fatigue mat is designed to make standing for extended periods of time way more comfortable. This mat is made from high-density foam that delivers cushioned support and is both waterproof and stain-resistant, making it super easy to clean.

Hang decorations, towels, and more without causing damage to your walls (or having to bust out your toolkit) by using these transparent suction cup hooks. They can hold up to 10 pounds each and aren’t just for walls — they can also be hung on glass, metal, ceramic surfaces and more. Plus, they’re reusable.

From keeping your pantry organized to displaying baked goods — or making sure everyone at the table can reach for their appetizers without having to say, “Pass the wings,” — this lazy Susan turntable has so many uses. It rotates 360 degrees and is made from chic, decor-complementing bamboo that’s easily cleaned with soap and water.

What better way to unwind after a long day than cuddling up on your couch with this weighted blanket? Made from 100% cotton filled with micro-glass beads, this quilted blanket delivers calming pressure that can help reduce tossing and turning in your sleep. The micro beads also are said to regulate temperature, helping ensure that you’re neither too hot or too cold.

When it comes to making pancakes or cupcakes, the hardest part can be pouring the right amount of batter so that they’re all equal in size (and therefore cook-time). This handy batter dispenser helps you do just that. The sides are marked with measurements and the pull handle allows you to easily and neatly dispense the ideal amount.

The right lighting — in the form of this USB-powered LED light strip — can help make your home look instantly better. You can place these peel and stick strips behind your TV or gaming monitor to add a little bit of extra light and help reduce glare. With 15 colors and 10 brightness levels to choose from, you can also personalize these lights to suit your mood.

This USB-powered portable humidifier can be placed anywhere in your home to instantly add moisture into the air. Small enough to place on your desk, nightstand, or even in your car’s cupholder, this humidifier has two mist modes, an 8-hour run time, makes virtually no noise, and even doubles as a nightlight.

These wireless doorbells are a practical addition to your home so you always know when someone comes knocking. This set brings two battery-operated transmitters (which can be installed using the included mounting tape or screws) and two easy plug-in receivers, both of which are weatherproof. With a working range of 1,000 feet, there are over 50 chimes and four volume levels to choose from.

Small spaces mean you have to get creative when it comes to furniture, and this bedside shelf that doubles as a nightstand is a prime example. Able to hold up to 30 pounds, this shelf allows you to keep all your essentials within reach and even has slots to keep cords neatly organized. Best of all, it doesn’t require any tools for installation — just clamp it onto the side of your bed.

Whether you don’t have space for a coffee table or just can’t be asked to reach over to grab your drink or snack, this bamboo sofa tray is the solution. It has hinged legs that hug the arm of your sofa and are lined with silicone to help prevent slipping. Compatible with a range of sofa sizes, this tray even has a slot for your phone or tablet that swivels 360 degrees to find the optimal viewing angle.

You may think the solution to a saggy sofa is simply to buy a new one, but thanks to this couch cushion support, you can spare yourself the purchase. It’s made up of a series of sturdy wood slats wrapped in cloth that helps revitalize the plushness when placed beneath the couch cushions. Since it’s foldable, this support system can be adjusted to fit sofas of any size.

To help ensure that your clothes dry fully, pop in these rubber dryer buddies shaped like adorable puffer fish. Not only do these little guys help promote air circulation to make clothes dry more efficiently, they also can reduce static and wrinkles without the use of dryer sheets. Best of all, you can use them for up to to 1,000 loads of laundry.

There are some delicate clothing items that just can’t be put in the dryer. Instead of making your mattress a wet-laundry zone, you can lay items on this over-the-door drying rack that you can hook over any door. The space-saving design features three tiers made of quick-drying mesh and can be collapsed and stored away when your clothes are done drying.

With its sleek, modern base and beautiful woven lamp shade, this bedside table lamp doesn’t just look great — it also charges your devices. Equipped with two USB ports and a standard AC outlet, this dual-purpose lamp has three slots to store your phone and doubles as a phone stand so you can watch your favorite show from the comfort of bed.

With so many devices relying on Wi-Fi, it’s essential to have a strong, stable connection throughout your home. This Wi-Fi extender plugs into the wall and adds an additional 1,200 square feet worth of coverage to help boost signal in those dreaded “dead zones.” Compatible with all routers, this extender can connect up to 20 devices — and has over 20,000 five-star reviews.

Carry this lantern to your next outdoor gathering. It lights the way, gives you a vaguely gothic vibe, and creates a 15-foot no-bug zone around you. It is powered by 12-hour fuel cell cartridges and an odorless repellent infused into the replaceable mats. It comes with one cartridge and three mats.

Loading dirty dishes into a dishwasher full of clean ones is the sort of domestic irritation that will quickly ruin your mood. You need a system! This dishwasher indicator magnet is that system. Stick it to the front of your dishwasher, slide the indicator to clean when you run a load, and back to dirty when you empty it. No more mistakes.

To prevent anyone from tracking mud, sand, snow, or any outdoor detritus all over the floors of your interior, make it easy for people to remove their shoes and contain that mess. This shoe tray keeps water and dirt in one easy-to-clean spot and is sized to fit in your entryway. Many people use it, too — along with the optional fake grass — as a puppy toilet.

When you grab a hot beverage and sit down to work, how often has it gone cold by the time you remember to sip it? This smart mug won’t let that happen. Connect it to your phone to choose the temperature you want for your hot beverage and, wherever you take that mug, your brew will be that temperature. You only need to set it on the base to charge it up.

If candles, sprays, plug-ins, and other methods of creating pleasing interior scents are too much trouble — or get the scent wrong — this diffuser set is the easy-to-use, subtle-scent option you need. Set the oil-filled bottle anywhere and stand the diffuser sticks in it. It gently diffuses the scented oil into the room, lasts a long time, and only asks you to occasionally fill the decorative vase.

Want to know the temperature and humidity inside your fridge, pet habitat, greenhouse, or home — even when you aren’t nearby? This thermometer and hygrometer will let your track that data from your phone. The sensor captures the data and uses Bluetooth to communicate it directly to your screen. Or add the Wi-Fi gateway to get notifications pushed to your phone wherever you are.

If it seems like everyone who uses your kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas makes a lot of noise, attach these cabinet sound dampeners to the hard surfaces and silence the banging. The peel-and-stick application is easy and the squishy texture effectively quiets the noise. They are useful for putting soft feet on laptops, vases, cutting boards, and other household items, too.

If your bed makes noise every time you roll over, sit up, or get a little athletic, it makes it very hard to relax. This anti-shake tool is the solution you didn’t know existed. Mount it to the wall and adjust the length so it holds the headboard steady. “Does exactly what you need it to [do.]” said one reviewer. “Neighbors appreciate as well.”

A poorly-lighted entryway is a huge hassle if you find yourself out there desperately trying to fit a key into a lock you can’t see. This keyhole light is an easy solution. Peel and stick it over the lock and it comes on, illuminating where you need to put the key when you approach the door. “Keeps me safe at night when coming home,” said one reviewer. “No more fumbling with keys and squinting to find the keyhole.”

You can have a speaker, or an Echo Dot, even if you don’t have the space for it or your bathroom only has one outlet. Just replace the outlet cover with this one that’s also a bathroom shelf, set the speaker on it, and run the wires through the channel in the back to the plug. Easy.

Use this cute storage ottoman as a footstool or side table in your living room or a vanity seat in the bedroom or bath and you can store things under the seat. The lid has a wooden tabletop or a soft, velvet seat. All you do is flip the lid over the change it from an ottoman to a table. It comes in 16 colors.

Ramp up the edgy modern style of your office or game room with this gaming surface for your desk that has a lighted perimeter made from micro-woven cloth. The lights aren’t just decorative. They are also notifications for events that are happening in your game or on Discord. It comes in four colors.

Keep your workspace tidy and always know where your headphones are by clamping this headphone hanger to your desk or a shelf. The hook rotates to accommodate lots of situations and is easy to attach and move. It comes in seven colors and some also have a shelf for gaming controllers. “Much needed to keep desk clutter-free from controllers and headset,” said one reviewer.

Protect your living space from prying eyes without blocking out light or changing the look of the room with curtains by attaching this privacy film directly to the glass. Choose from a frosty blur, black, or several other options — including a color-changing rainbow. Just cut it, wet it, and fit onto the glass.

If your shower curtain constantly blows up and touches you when you try to shower, these shower curtain weights will stop that creepy behavior. Just snap them onto the hem of the curtain and they hold it down. This is four pairs, which is plenty to take care of any curtain.

Warm your living space and give it a fireplace vibe at the same time with this mini electric fireplace. It is small enough to sit on or under your desk, has a 3D flame and a bed of smoldering embers that look realistic, and the heat adjusts. A tip-over switch prevents fires and it won’t overheat.

Turn your coffee pods into a countertop display so that choosing a brew is easy and fun by storing them in this pod carousel. It holds 35 K-Cup pods, rotates 360 degrees, and fits into a 7-inch footprint. There are seven sizes if your coffee needs are larger or smaller than that. “Game-changer for my morning routine!” said one of nearly 73,000 five-star reviewers.

Add a spice shelf, paper towel dispensers, and a storage spot for all sorts of kitchen gear in a snap with this magnetic fridge organizer. The two roomy roll dispensers can handle paper towels, butcher paper, or similar items while the two shelves offer lots of storage. There are four configurations and styles to choose from.

Sweep scraps right off the counter and into the trash by mounting this over-the-cabinet trash bag holder to your cabinet. Save yourself a walk across the kitchen to toss an onionskin or banana peel. It holds one plastic bag so you can carry an entire meal’s worth of scraps in one go. “I love using it when I'm cooking to quickly scrape clean my cutting board vegetable or meat trimmings into,” said one reviewer. “It makes great reuse of the pile of grocery bags we all have in our pantry closet or under our sink!”

Want to keep an eye on the pet when you aren’t home? Need to get some work done while the baby sleeps? Leave this pet camera in the house or set it in the baby’s room and you can keep an eye on things from your phone while you stay productive. Motion detection alerts you when there is movement so you can focus on something else. And it has two-way audio so you can chat with the dog or kids.

There’s no need to stumble around when you get up in the night. Mount these peel-and-stick motion sensor lights under your bed or dresser and they will light up when they sense you moving, illuminating the floor so you can see where you are going. The tape-like strips are dimmable so you can choose the light level you need and they shut off automatically.

Cassandra Seale